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Dogs Gone Barking Mad Over Leaks

In a world first WaterGroup proudly releases a brand new way to stop the ever present wastage of water from undetected leaks: Leak Sniffer Dogs.

01 Apr 2017

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WaterGroup pays Beer for Leaks

WaterGroup pays Beer for Leaks In a strange turn of events WaterGroup has made the announcement that they will offer one litre of free beer for every litre of water saved! The offer is valid for 1 April only. The company believes that the time has come to take drastic measures to counter the inaction on stopping leaks and saving water. The company’s offer has attracted a significant amount of interest from Uni students in particular.

31 Mar 2016

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ACT Schools Smart Metering

WaterGroup completes smart metering program in ACT Public Schools. "ACT is now the only jurisdiction to have data loggers for water, electricity, solar and gas in all our public schools, in addition to the requirements under the National Solar Schools program", Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch said today.

17 Oct 2014

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WaterGroup launches innovative water leak detector from SebaKMT

Imagine a leak locator equipped with the most advanced technology available on the market and a charge capacity that allows continuous operation of more than 10 hours a day. Imagine it is so easy to operate that even beginners can get quality results in just a few minutes. Imagine it weighs little to nothing and fits perfectly in your hand. No need to imagine, the HL 50 is now available from WaterGroup.

08 May 2014

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WaterGroup develops pressure logger with pressure shock feature

WaterGroup Pty Ltd announces the launch of a new pressure logger designed specifically for the Australian water utility market by SebaKMT. WaterGroup has partnered with supplier SebaKMT to produce the Sebalog P3-mini, a pressure logger based on its larger relative, the Sebalog P3 and containing all of its features within a smaller anodised aluminium case. A built-in pressure shock feature in the P3-mini, will allow the user to identify damaging transient pressure events on any water pipe network.

05 Feb 2014

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