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Water Efficiency Management

Guenter recently presented to a group of NSW Water Engineers on the importance of having a Water Loss (WLM), or as we like to call it, Water Efficiency Management Plan, even if there is plenty of rain, and water, around.

06 Apr 2017

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WaterGroup 3G SIM Loggers

Due to Telstra decommissioning the 3G signal on 1 December 2016, now is the time to upgrade your 2G loggers. Contact WaterGroup to get the latest in smart metering technology.

20 Oct 2016

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WaterGroup Water Savings in Hospitals

WaterGroups Managing Director Guenter Hauber-Davidson talks about how the performance contracting service guarantees savings for hospitals through innovative water conservation measures. Read more.

13 Oct 2016

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Future of Smart Metering and Internet of Things (IoT) by Rian Sullings

This article is for decision makers with vested interests in smart water metering. There are some significant developments taking place in the Internet of Things (IoT) world with huge implications. This article provides information relative to · developments happening in Australia right now · standards that have just been adopted globally, and · technologies used in Europe and other parts of the world.

27 Sep 2016

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WaterGroup vision - not a drop of water is wasted

WaterGroups vision is that of a world where not a drop of water is wasted that could be saved. We contribute towards that with our selective smart metering concepts and our leading edge SebaKMT leak detection and water management logger hardware and software. These slides further highlight our philosophy in this space. If you are aware of a particular application where we could apply our solutions knowledge, or trial any of our hardware, especially the online leak detection system, Id love to hear from you.

15 Sep 2015

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