Collects data from your existing water meter so you can monitor and understand your water usage.

Sigfox is a telecommunications network that specialises in servicing devices and machines that transmit small amounts of data such as a meter reading. It uses a relatively small number of 'towers' to send and receive data, similar to the way mobile phone network operators do, but dedicated to transmit very small data parcels only. These 'towers' are small antennas that have huge ranges of coverage. All major cities in Australia are currently covered by Sigfox with expansion rapidly increasing across the country and tracking towards 85% of the population covered by 2018. Sigfox is ideal for smart metering applications where simple meter reading and leakage alerts are required. It has never been easier and cheaper to monitor water use and automatically deliver data to the cloud.

Ideal for:

  • Parks and recreational
  • Commercial buildings
  • Council regions

Download datasheet here.

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