Launched in October 2006 by the NSW Minister for Water Utilities David Campbell, WaterGroup was formed to create new initiatives and offer water conservation solutions for large water users - consuming more than 30% of Sydney's water as a result of the NSW State Government Water Savings Fund grants.

Initially called Water Conservation Group it was formed by some of Australia's leading water conservation entities (Enware, Tankworks and International Consulting Network) to help large water users respond to the ever increasing need to manage water more efficiently.

Guenter Hauber-Davidson, WaterGroup Managing Director, believed a large part of the answer lay in an integrated approach made up of solutions focusing on overall water efficiency measures.  Measures including waterless urinals, electronic taps, process changes, better irrigation systems and smart water metering supplemented by rainwater harvesting, grey water re-use and increasingly black water treatment and sewer mining.


WaterGroup was at the forefront of the development of a smart water meter logger, which has evolved into a very effective water saving device today. WaterGroup has quickly grown to become one of Australia's largest integrated corporate water savings companies.

We secure water and save money through cost effective and sustainable solutions.

Our Clients

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below.