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DesignBuild article on Rainwater Harvesting

On dry continents such as Australia, the harvesting of water is crucial in ensuring water security. Rainwater tanks are common in rural Australia and water harvesting is an important part of most newly-constructed buildings in both urban and rural settings through the Green Star rating system, but Australians are still letting too much of the precious resource go to waste.

24 Jun 2013

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Everyone's Environment Grants Program Qld

$2,000 to $100,000 over 3 years for Qld community groups to improve their local environment. Includes water quality improvement and water monitoring projects (must be a minimum 3 year program).

10 May 2013

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Billions of Litres of leaking water lost in WA

More than 90 litres of water for every Perth household was lost from the Water Corporation\\\'s pipes - WaterGroup's Director of Water Loss Management, Ian Maggs asked to comment on Radio 6PR

26 Mar 2013

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Water Entities: - Results of the 2011 - 12 Audits

Recently published figures reported in Water Entities: Results of the 2011 - 12 Audits, show customers in rural areas have less ability to manage their bills than those in the city (Refer to page 29). How much does the service charge make up the total bill?

21 Nov 2012

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WaterGroup Stuart Stapely appointed to AWA Water Efficiency Committee

Stuart Stapely, State Manager Victoria, for WaterGroup has been appointed to the AWA Water Efficiency Committee.

14 Nov 2012

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WaterGroup Finalist in Smart WaterMark Commercial Product of the Year

WaterGroups smart water metering product is a finalist in the Commercial Product of the Year Award by Smart WaterMark.

17 Oct 2012

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Smart Water Fund Round 10 Announced

The Smart Water Fund has announced that applications will open during October for $1 million in funding to support innovative urban water projects which can demonstrate innovation and leading edge research that will have a positive impact on the Victorian water industry. Round 10 is open to commercial businesses, research institutions and consulting firms for projects which are able to demonstrate benefits in two specific areas

17 Oct 2012

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Water Recycling Funding - Round 5 Announced

Funding Round 5 – The Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence is pleased to announce further funding is now available for applied and strategic research projects that quantitatively demonstrate and/or enhance the social, economic or environmental value of water recycling in Australia. Deadline for registering intent to submit a proposal 30 November 2012

16 Oct 2012

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Working Wetlands Project - Melbourne Botanic Gardens

WaterGroup consultants involved in the Working Wetlands project for the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, attended the official launch. The scheme captures local stormwater and stores it in the ornamental lake and four large storage tanks for irrigation of the gardens. The scheme includes a gravity fed creek to create a rainforest habitat, water treatment plant and pump stations. WaterGroup prepared the tender documentation and is currently carrying out a design review on behalf of the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens.

24 Aug 2012

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Qld Govt Review Mandatory Rainwater Tank laws

Qld Govt discussion paper to kickstart a 30-year plan for water sector includes a review of laws mandating rain water tanks and solar hot water systems on new buildings

20 Jul 2012

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