Guenter Hauber-Davidson

Managing Director, WaterGroup

Guenter Hauber-Davidson, our Managing Director, is one of Australia's leading water conservation practitioners. Guenter has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge water conservation designs, tools and models. He is also at the forefront of developing innovative rainwater harvesting solutions. His current focus is on sustainable recycling.

To date, he has been involved in the development and delivery of well over 100 water savings projects. He has also developed a smart water meter. Guenter is amongst a handful of water conservation experts who can claim extensive involvement in the implementation of large-scale integrated water conservation schemes. He holds an MSc in Environmental Engineering and has spent his entire career working in the water and wastewater treatment field.

Queensland Business Cluster award presented by the Queensland minister Kate Jones.

Keo Phetsaya

Sales and Solutions Engineer, WaterGroup

Keo holds qualifications in Electrical Engineering and a MEng.Sci (Water, Wastewater & Waste) from UNSW. Along with several years' experience as a consultant, Keo has also held executive roles in the IT and rail industry. With proven results and experience in the field of sales and business development, his impressive credentials also include extensive project management experience.

With a focus on the industrial and commercial markets, Keo gained practical engineering experience whilst working as a water and wastewater instrumentation engineer. He has also worked as computer systems administrator where he designed and implemented crucial network services and technologies.

Outside the office, Keo enjoys exploring the outdoors, both on and above the ground.  He has travelled extensively. During the week, you'll find Keo playing competitive frisbee and social tennis.

Matthew Searles

Sales Manager Water Loss Management, WaterGroup

Matthew holds a degree in Chemical engineering from the University of Newcastle. He has been involved in the water industry for the last 10 years, with experience across a range of water treatment and monitoring solutions. Prior to this, he was involved in metallurgical research, life cycle analysis reporting and a private consultancy business.

Matthew brings a broad range of experience from equipment and program design, through to project management and commissioning of programs and equipment.

Outside of work, Matthew enjoys running, cooking and building.

Nils Freudenberg

Senior Engineer, WaterGroup

Nils Freudenberg has close to 10 years of experience in the water industry. He has been involved in major water projects during this time. His main focus has always been directed towards the improvement of the sustainability of technical systems. He has joined WG to support our growing water conservation business with process QA, data analysis and identification of further savings and business opportunities. His academic background in process and environmental engineering has given Nils the technical and creative-thinking skills necessary for each of his projects.

Nils has previously worked overseas for highly respected Nolde & Partner in Germany where he managed a government supported research project. 'On-site Heat and Grey Water Recycling in Urban Areas'. He successfully designed and constructed an airlift bioreactor with low operational and investment costs, calculated and designed the dimensions of the project's heat exchanger and ensured its efficient and reliable operation.

Ishita Singh

Environmental Consultant, WaterGroup

Ishita has been with WaterGroup for four years. She brings her knowledge in Statistical Data Analysis and Environmental Management to WaterGroup's Smart Metering department to provide clients the best results in water and energy conservation. She is responsible for project management, sustainability reporting, account management, customer interface, website interface, troubleshooting and data analysis. In addition she is involved in sales, marketing and consultancy services.

Ishita Singh holds a Master's degree in Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Management from Monash University, Melbourne. She has completed a Bachelor's of Science degree in Statistics, Mathematics and Economics. She also holds a Diploma in Business from Sydney.

 When she's not at office, she enjoys writing on her environmental blog "Adding to the Greenery" and reading books.

Rian Sullings

Manager Smart Metering & IoT, WaterGroup

Rian has worked in the field of remote electronic water management since 2009. He has studied electronic engineering and has worked in a NATA accredited electro-mechanical testing laboratory. He has worked with WaterGroup for many years as a contractor while operating his own business in the water industry before joining the team full time in 2014.

He has a particular focus on achieving efficient smart metering solutions for our clients. With a progressive view of the industry and utilising the latest in IoT and LPWAN technologies, Rian has successfully managed many of our largest smart metering projects for key clients.

Rian is responsible for, the successful delivery of all WaterGroup smart metering projects including managing staff, technical solutions, and achieving outstanding results for our clients.

Maria Tran

Senior Engineer, WaterGroup

Maria holds a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce from UNSW. Over the past five years she has had a broad range of experience within the water industry. Her expertise lies in providing water, wastewater, and recycled water services for utilities and private suppliers in Australia.

Throughout her career, Maria has worked in a variety of projects, ranging from the operation and maintenance of recycled water plants, to developing risk-based management systems for public and private utilities. She has also worked to deliver and implement a variety of optimisation and improvement projects for a variety of clients, and has managed projects from the initial design stage to installation.

Aimi Macready

Sales and Marketing Manager, WaterGroup

Aimi is an accomplished, B2B and Channel marketing professional. Over the past 15 years she has worked with world class technology and related organisations and believes the real value a business can give to its customers, is not achieved through the product or technology alone… it starts with people. Her passion as a marketeer is to work collaboratively with people to get to the heart of individual business needs and provide them with valuable insights and tools that can benefit them and their business.  

Working in the technology space Aimi has also developed a passion for the IoT ecosystem and the way it all works together to help companies and consumers manage their digital lives in a smarter way. She is excited about how the IoT is driving the next level of digital adoption and creating better business outcomes across hospitals, universities, water utilities and shopping centres, especially when it results in water conservation and savings! Outside the office, Aimi likes to experiment with cooking and spending time with family and friends.


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