WaterGroup is Australia's leader when it comes to saving water – and money! Consulting. Water Loss Management. Turn-Key Delivery. Performance Contracting. Leak Detection. Smart Metering.

Smart Water Metering Solutions

Water Utility/Councils

Our latest IoT technology and superior water management platform gives utilities and council insights into network losses, billing abnormalities and operational inefficiencies.


Property managers, owners and their tenants can monitor their water usage online, reduce leaks and save money.

Our Smart Devices

Our fully integrated water meters and smart water loggers create a perfect solution for any customer.

Leak Detection Solutions

Onsite Leak Detection

We help commercial, industrial, councils and utilities find leaks. Using Correlation, acoustic leak listening, flow monitoring and pressure testing we will find leaks and prepare a report for you to action.

Equipment for Sale

We sell state of art leak detection equipment that finds leaks across domestic, construction and major pipeline. We also provide training on our equipment.

Network Monitoring

Water utilities and large water users can continuously monitor their water network for leaks. Not only can the system identify leaks but will pinpoint them on google maps.

Water Efficiency Solutions


Let us give you a detailed report on how your property, building or site can be more efficient and save water. Achieve better NABERS ratings, reach your suitability goals and start saving money.

Consulting Services

Our experienced team can support you in your water savings journey; whether its you first water harvesting project or wanting a corporate water savings tree, we are here to help.

Discover Our Projects

Discover a range of case studies across various water efficiency, smart metering and leak detection work we have done over the years.

Our Clients

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below.

What our clients are saying

Smart Water Metering

WaterGroup has been an excellent partner for the online water monitoring system. We've engaged with them since 2020. We've never had any issues with their work. They deliver high-quality service, and working with their team has been great. WaterGroup has experienced and passionate staff."

Manager of Water Efficiency Programs
Sydney Water

Leak Detection & Smart Water Metering

WaterGroup has a proven record with smart water metering, leak detection, and water efficiency solutions and has worked extensively with other local government and major water utilities."

Project Manager
Byron Shire Council

Leak Detection

I noticed the leak alerts continuing and water use increasing, without being able to observe the issue; I knew we needed to call in the experts for an assessment. We engaged WaterGroup's leak detection team, and within four hours, WaterGroup had tracked the exact location of the leak using its high-tech acoustic leak detection equipment."

Dee Why Village Manager
Lendlease Retirement

Smart Water Metering

Working with Government & Large Tier 1 clients we can provide an end-to-end solution for our clients to be able to capture site water usage & management within the comfort of their office with the assistance of WaterGroup & their smart metering system. Our clients love it!"

BGM Contractors, NSW

Smart Water Metering

We use WaterGroup's Smart Metering Solution across our restaurants in the ACT. In business every drop counts, be it the impact on the environment or the impact on the bottom line; with this new tech technology we have seen a savings that has already covered our initial investment. With the help of the AWARE support service, we found leaks that would never have been identified and would have ended up being money lost down the drain. Watergroup sells a strong and easy to use product with a passionate team supporting it."

Operations Manager
McDonalds Sidaros, ACT

Leak Detection

WaterGroup were terrific to work with, they detected 2 water leaks for us, in a professional, collaborative and timely manner."

Airport Infrastructure Manager
Canberra Airport

Smart Water Metering

The smart metering solution has already saved our client 22,028 kL of water that’s $72,537 in deemed savings."

Facilities Manager - Place Management NSW
CBRE | Property Management

Consulting /EPC

It has been a pleasure working with WaterGroup. In particular the management team have been very professional and are totally in tune with the daily challenge of running a large and complex EPC project. I recommend their services to large water users for saving both water as well as money. I would like to make a special thanks to Maria (Project Manager) and Guenter (Director), the attention to detail and project delivery is second to none!"

Project Manager
Honeywell Building Solutions

Consulting /EPC

I had the opportunity to work alongside WaterGroup at ACT Education and Training Directorate on the Solar, Water and Gas metering project. They provided exceptional personnel with quality solutions and services. I highly recommend them for their dedication and the professional attitude in the delivery of environmental sustainable initiatives."

Senior Project Manager
ACT Schools

Water Assessments/Audits

WaterGroup helped us identify valuable cost and water saving opportunities."

Water Officer
City of Casey

Water Assessments/Audits

WaterGroup has been a pleasure to work with. They have always responded in a timely manner and were cognisant of budgetary concerns. The final report they produced was very thorough and will be helpful in planning and budgeting our water consumption reduction projects into the future."

Manager Environmental Operations
La Trobe University