Fairfield Council Smart Metering (2017)

Fairfield Council

Fairfield Council engaged WaterGroup in December 2016 to implement a smart metering system at three of their aquatic centres. The system immediately picked up a 30L/min leak and helped the council avoid significant water and cost wastage. Read full case study here.

ANU University Smart Metering (2016)

Australian National University

WaterGroup were engaged by the ANU through a tender process to install a Smart Metering system across their campus to understand their water usage and better manage their consumption and costs. Read full case study here.

RMIT City Performance Contracting Project (2016)

RMIT University

WaterGroup in collaboration with Siemens was engaged by RMIT to supply, install and provide a holistic water efficiency and risk management service for 20 water meters at the City campus. The service is part of a larger EPC/performance contracting project currently underway at RMIT. The active management service guaranteed 7,215kL/yr savings for RMIT. In just a few months since commencement, RMIT found a large leak through the active monitoring service which saved them approximately $22,000/month! Read full case study here.

Federation University Smart Metering (2016)

Federation University

Federation University is committed towards being the most sustainable university in regional Australia. As part of these efforts they implemented a smart metering system at their campuses to enable them to remotely monitor their usage and avoid any unnecessary water and cost wastage. With its easy to use interface and automatic alert abilities, WaterGroup’s monitoring system was chosen to fulfil this purpose.

In May 2016 the smart metering system alerted the University of a significant 150 L/min leak. Read full case study here.

Investigation Into Automated Meter Reading (2015)

Dubbo City Council

Provided a consultation report to Dubbo City Council which contained a rigorous cost and benefit analysis of automated meter reading (AMR) systems in Australia. Report also provided case studies on previous AMR systems implemented, a features list and a comprehensive comparison of technologies available.

Implementation of Water EPC for NSW Northern District Health (2016)

Honeywell/ NSW Health 

Implementation of comprehensive water savings program under an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) for Northern Districts Hospitals. Scope of works include implementation of water efficiency fixtures, a modern monitoring system and water substitution schemes. The project is guaranteed to save NSW Health close to 30,000kL and $100k annually.

Implementation of Water EPC for RMIT Bundoora (2013)

Honeywell/RMIT Bundoora

Implementation of water savings measures including far reaching water reuse and recycling options. Implementation measures guaranteed to save RMIT over 10 mega litres/annum. 

Review Water MAPs (Management Action Plans) (2013)

Novion Property Management Trust (CFS Property Management Trust)

Water Assessment works consisted of reviewing water MAPs for 40 shopping centres, comparison of consumption data between stores and sq. meterage and making recommendations.

Epenarra Water Use Assessment and Leakage Test (2013)

Power and Water 

Assessment of large increase in water usage in a remote community. The project included assessment of residential and commercial use plus a leakge step test of the water network. 

Strategic Water Supply Monitoring System Review and Upgrade (2013)

Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management 

The project consisted of designing a metering strategy to remotely and automatically monitor water use at the ski resort.

Galiwinku Leakage Assessment (2012)

Power and Water

The project consisted of a comprehensive water loss investigation. Ongoing assistance was provided to minimise water loss in the remote indigenous community.

The project covered design and commissioning of pressure management, acoustic leakage detection survey and leakage pinpointing.

QCHEP Energy Plant- Stormwater Treatment Plant (2012)

Lend Lease Engineering Pty Ltd

Built a Stormwater Treatment Plant for Queensland Children's Hospital. The plant provides a sustainable water supply for the cooling towers at the hospital.

Coles Supermarkets Smart Metering (2012)


Smart Metering for 168 stores all across Australia. Operation, maintenance and monitoring of smart metering data to provide Coles with actionable items and verification of water savings achieved. The program is providing Coles with sizeable water and cost savings every month.


ACT Public Schools Smart Metering (2012)

Education and Training Directorate 

Installation of a smart metering system on water, electricity, solar and gas meters at 90 ACT Public Schools.

Designed a special student friendly smart metering website interface to integrate water and energy management in curriculum. 

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