Water Loss Management encompasses strategies and tools to assist water utilities in their important goal of reducing non-revenue water. This can be achieved by decreasing real losses due to leakage in the water network or reducing apparent loss due to inaccuracy in revenue metering. Water utilities count Water Loss Management techniques as one of the most cost-effective interventions in saving water.

Our world-renowned team of water loss management experts has delivered water savings projects in over 200 water networks across Australia and overseas. Several projects undertaken by team members have received prestigious awards for innovation and environmental best practice.

Water Loss Management is integral to the good management of any water supply system. The basics of water loss management, such as network mapping, flow monitoring and pressure analysis, deliver not only a reduction in non-revenue water, but also an increased level of network knowledge allowing stronger operational management of water delivery.

WaterGroup's approach to water loss management ensures that water savings are not only cost effective but are sustainable through ongoing monitoring and management. Without this sustainable approach the true goal of delivering efficient water supplies cannot be achieved.

Our experience at both accessing and managing government funding puts us in a strong position to help you gain funding for any water loss management work you may be considering.

We can help water utilities achieve best practice efficiency through the application of:

Flow monitoring

  • Bulk meter accuracy assessment
  • Customer meter auditing
  • Meter replacement strategies
  • Temporary flow measurement
  • Design and specification of permanent flow metering

Data Capture

  • Temporary data logging (flow, pressure, level etc.)
  • Specification of permanent remote data logging solutions
  • SCADA integration

Data Capture

  • Temporary data logging (flow, pressure, level etc.)
  • Specification of permanent remote data logging solutions
  • SCADA integration

Network investigation

  • Pressure analysis - profiling and transient identification
  • Minimum Night Flow analysis
  • Water Balance calculations (using IWA Methodology)
  • Hydraulic modelling

Network Optimisation

  • Sectorisation - DMA design and establishment
  • Pressure management design and establishment

Advanced leakage identification

  • Implementation of Innovative leakage monitoring systems
  • Permanent leak detection techniques

Water Loss Management Planning

Our recommended approach to water loss management is through the initial production of a Water Loss Management Plan which identifies the most cost effective and sustainable methods relevant to the specific needs of the clients water network, and provides the budgetary information necessary to implement such a plan.

Our Clients

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below.