Toilet Paper Gets Smart to Combat Shortage

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In an effort to clean two slates with one sheet, Australian water savings company WaterGroup today launched its latest innovation, Smart Toilet Paper. Packed with artificial intelligence, it addresses both the ongoing shortage of toilet paper as well as the need to save water. Sophisticated sensing technology built into every roll will automatically detect excess use of paper. It will also send out a signal when cleaning is completed to then automatically flush the toilet with just the right amount of water.

Using Telstra’s or Vodafone’s NB-IoT Internet of Things communications network, it seamlessly integrates and talks to your smart toilet and smart water meter to provide a full monitoring solution. It is the final piece of the puzzle for Australians, Water Utilities and Property Managers to become entirely toilet paper and water efficient.

Thanks to WaterGroup’s Smart Toilet Paper there’s now plenty of it in Wannapupu.

Australian Water Utility, Wannapupu Water, has already tried and tested the product across a small community. A representative from the utility says, "Being able to monitor toilet paper usage has enabled us to become the first town in Australia since the outbreak of the Coronavirus to have shelves full of toilet paper." It has also dramatically reduced water usage extending Day Zero to beyond where anybody would give a cr...

"Wannapupu is an existing smart water metering customer of ours. So integrating the solution was simple. Each toilet roll transmits data directly to the existing WaterGroup smart metering platform. That allows monitoring loo paper and water usage entirely with existing infrastructure," says Guenter Hauber Davidson, Managing Director of WaterGroup. "Roll out was simple and clean."

The company already wants to stretch its innovation further. "The next step is to have toilet paper so intelligent it will adjust its thickness to the requirements of each user based on advanced machine learning and brown pattern recognition technology".

How WaterGroup’s Smart Toilet Paper connects to other devices.

WaterGroup is now giving the first 50 applicants the opportunity to trial its smart toilet paper. All they need to do is sign up this morning (1 April). To be eligible they need to upload one photo demonstrating toilet paper wastage.

"Toilet paper is a precious commodity right now, but we are happy to give away a roll to make it stretch further," says Guenter.

WaterGroup urges everyone, now more than ever, to look at fully integrated water solutions like their smart water meters and smart toilet paper as ways to anticipate and plan for drought, water restrictions and to stop wastage.

To find out more about the smart toilet paper and sign up for the trial please go to

Don’t forget, applications need to be in before 12pm today.

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