Whilst Australia is the driest inhabited continent, we have abundant rainwater along the coast where the majority of our population is concentrated. WaterGroup helps harness this valuable resource. We are leaders in the field of commercial and industrial rainwater harvesting, and regularly present papers on the subject at industry conferences.

Before embarking on any stormwater or rainwater harvesting project, be sure to check our Resources section for our international Guidelines on the Design of Large Rain and Stormwater Harvesting Systems.

Recently, we assisted Woolworths install a 1,000,000L system - one of the world's largest projects of its kind - at their Minchinbury and Wyong sites.

RainHarD, our rainwater harvesting design model, helps us design a system tailor-made for your demands and location, including innovative features such as peak flow diverters - removing the need for tank overflows.

Contact us for a FREE assessment of your site with RainHarD or StormHarD, our stormwater harvesting design model. This is available to all customers looking at storm or rainwater harvesting from collection areas >1,000m2.

Water Harvesting: Effective Solutions for commercial users

One of our specialist areas is in commercial rainwater and stormwater harvesting. Our partner Tankworks has supplied and installed the key components for some of Australia's largest and most innovative commercial rainwater harvesting schemes.

We offer a water efficient 'blue' design & build service for both existing and new buildings and facilities. Our target clients are large water users in the commercial, industrial, institutional and large residential sectors.

If you are planning a new development, make sure you talk to us first to discover how best you can implement a sustainable water solution, often at little extra cost.

If you are encountering water restrictions or if you want to do your share to help save our precious water resources, we would like to hear from you.

Our Clients

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below.