Founded in 2006, WaterGroup has quickly grown to become one of Australia's largest corporate water savings companies. We secure water and save money through cost effective and sustainable solutions.

Examples of our work include:

  • With a $230,000 investment, our water-saving interventions are saving a major food processor over $45,000 in water bills per year.
  • After installing a $54,000 Smart Metering System, a large campus stopped $78,000 worth of water from being wasted.
  • Designed and constructed by WaterGroup, two of the world's largest rainwater harvesting systems are now collecting $38,000 worth of water free from the sky. The design includes our innovative peak flow diversion system and integrated monitoring for further system optimisation.
  • Development of corporate "water trees" and policies, help corporations work out their water use across the board.  Fully aware of increasing cost and environmental pressures, we also know how best to respond strategically to regulatory pressures.
  • Grey and black water recycling.
  • Management of approvals.

Our expertise will help you understand where your water goes.  We provide a baseline, identify cost-effective savings, streamline implementation and find solutions that make sense and work.  We also get the necessary approval and most of all, make sure you get value for money.

To achieve this we prepare audits. We do detailed engineering. We develop and deliver savings and leak reduction programs. We help get funding. We obtain approvals. We provide smart metering, monitoring and verification services. We contract deliver. And we provide performance guarantees.

Performance Guarantee - No savings, no pay!

Our Clients

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below.