Commercial and industrial property managers, owners and their tenants can monitor their water usage online, reduce leaks and save money with our smart water metering solution.

  • Be alerted of leaks at your buildings, schools, shopping centres, venues and sites
  • Identify your high usage tenants
  • Have access to a user friendly portal to report, view and manage water usage
  • An option to give your tenants access to their water usage and leak alarms via our app.
  • Increase your NABERS ratings
  • Meet your company sustainability goals
  • Save water and money

How it works:

how it works

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It offers a superior water management software solution for large water users in commercial and industrial sectors, allowing them to view their entire water management solution from the status of their smart water metering device to their water usage.

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Find out more about our smart water metering devices:

NB-IoT Smart Water Logger

Our NB-IoT smart water logger connects to your existing water meter. The logger can be installed at any time and will cause no dustruption to business activites.

Download datasheet for more technical information


W350 - Smart NBIoT enabled Water Meter – fully integrated water meter. Available in 20/25mm.

Download datasheet for more technical information

Find out more about AWARE (Active Water Analysis Risk and Efficiency) Service


The AWARE Management Service is an integral part of our Smart Water Metering Solution. By using AWARE busy Facility and Property Managers can reduce their workload and utilise the full potential of their smart metering systems for a fast ROI.

Our experienced, dedicated team will pro-actively monitor, analyse, action and provide tailored high level recommendations on practical water saving initiatives for your hospital, university, shopping centre, office etc. With a 24/7 active monitoring service, the team will assist in turning your smart meter data into insights towards actions and solutions.

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