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Benefits of Digital Metering

Our smart water metering solution offers water utilities and councils real-time insights into network losses, billing abnormalities and leaks. Our fully integrated NB-IoT smart water metering solution is instant switch on, can reach hard to access areas and is low cost and easy to deploy.

12 Jun 2024

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Channel 9 news - WaterGroup's Smart Metering Solution at Sydney Water saves one of its customers $56,000 in water this year!

Channel 9 news - WaterGroups Smart Metering Solution at Sydney Water saves one of its customers 56,000 in water this year!

18 Dec 2023

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Sydney Water saving with WaterGroup

Sydney Water and WaterGroup have been working together to roll out online water monitoring for its business and industrial users.

23 Nov 2023

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New Tech Reduces the Complexity and Costs of Monitoring Leaks in Water Networks

Monitoring water networks for leaks is an essential part of any modern water loss management program.

26 Jun 2023

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Facility and Property Managers' Answer to Water Challenges

Facility and property managers in Australia face many challenges in understanding water usage and reducing costs. Inefficient water use and leaks, left unchecked, result in poor ESG outcomes, high water bills, and risk of building damage and can also destroy a good NABERS Water rating.

22 Jun 2023

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ESG and Sustainability Practices Benefit from Smart Water Metering

Working every day to become more sustainable should be the focus of every company that is a large water user. WaterGroup is helping others become more sustainable through its technology and services.

21 Jun 2023

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10 Smart Water Metering Predictions, now a Reality

Australia's smart water metering industry has experienced significant growth in recent years. With the advent of advanced technology and data analytics, smart water meters have become crucial for water utilities to manage their resources effectively.

30 May 2023

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Hearing Leaks Online, Just Got a Whole Lot Easier and Cheaper

When everybody talks about increasing prices, WaterGroup, Australias prominent smart water utility metering and service provider, is dropping them. Today the company announced the launch of a one-time offer of a trial package for their SmartEAR leak detection system. Water utilities can now experience fast and affordable leak detection across their networks.

17 Jan 2023

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Simpler Asset Monitoring at Treatment Plants

WaterGroup is now offering an intuitive, customisable Human-Machine Interface (HMI) to monitor treatment plants and sites with multiple parameters. It allows plant and facility operators to get an overview of their site in one intuitive plant schematic or single-line diagram.

22 Nov 2022

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Keep an 'Ear to the Ground' - New IoT Acoustic Logger Transforming Water Networks

WaterGroup, Australia's prominent water utility metering and service provider, announced today the launch of 'SmartEAR', a SebaKMT IoT noise logger built to detect leaks in water networks. Thanks to the advances in modern IoT technologies, the SmartEAR makes it much easier to monitor critical or troublesome water mains. Instead of requiring two or even three devices to detect a leak, record and send it to the cloud, the SmartEAR does it all in one.

10 Oct 2022

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