Our cloud based project management system assures your project no matter how big or small will be well tracked and on time. From conception we will automate your asset delivery, installation and ongoing requests and billing.

This system not only enables our business to be highly efficient and scalable, but also provides you as our customer the opportunity to get accurate and timely information on all the services which we provide to you.

Automated Workforce & Job Management

Our platform helps us to effectively automate and manage our field workforce through the use of mobile app technology. We are now able to locate your meter or data logger by a simple click of a button and using the platform's advanced search capabilities. With the integrated camera feature, photos of work performed are captured against your job, address (location) and asset, providing a full audit trail of all work performed.

Effortless Asset Maintenance

The platform's asset management feature allows us to capture all of your meter assets on the system, which we do as part of the implementation phase of our projects.  Once assets have been captured, they are allocated to the correct sites and locations, taking away the need to spend unproductive time for field workers to try and find meters or loggers.  Should meters require replacement, this work is also recorded against the original meter asset.

Customer Feedback & Portal

The ability to collect all this information through technology now enables us to keep you, up to date with any work which is done at your premises. Communications take place either through a dedicated online portal, and/or through email and reports. An added benefit of the online portal is to allow your different branches/sites/stores; to individually order services from WaterGroup should this be required.  

We realise the benefits this system brings to us as a business, and by extension to you as our customer. The platform has been implemented in a number of commercial businesses and councils globally, and we therefore want to offer its capabilities to your wider organisation. Should you be interested and wish to manage your assets and maintenance work yourself using the WaterGroup project management platform, we will gladly give you a demonstration and take you through how to make this possible.

Our Clients

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below.