Top 7 Reasons, Why the NUmeter?

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  1. With the logging and communication fully integrated into the meter, Utilities can now do away with the need to attach a logger to an existing mechanical meter to make it smart.
  2. Up until now Water Utilities have only been able to connect their water metering devices to a single proprietary vendor. With the Numeter, Utilities have the flexibility of an open communications and network architecture. The NUmeter utilises globally standardised communication technologies such as the NB-IoT and Sigfox wireless networks and the LwM2M application protocol.
  3. Water Utilities can reduce their non-revenue water and save money with the NUmeter due to its higher accuracy, lower starting flow rate, and sustained performance with no moving parts to wear over time
  4. Australian Certified Watermark -  AS3565, AS4020, and NMI R49 certification means the meter is fully accredited for use on potable water supplies and for billing
  5. With frequent and accurate ultrasonic water meter readings, the Numeter gives utilities operational insights into their networks, which means they can catch leaks and water usage abnormalities fast and efficiently.
  6. With fully integrated communications like NB-IoT the NUmeter can be instantly switched on for easy deployment. It also allows for an extended long range coverage and deep penetration too hard to reach places like in pits (even under steel lids), basements, apartment buildings, and even rural zones.
  7. Utilities are becoming more innovative and building closer relationships with their customers. The adoption of the NUmeter means they are one step closer to them becoming truly digital!
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