WaterGroup shares its part in Sydney Water's leak prevention through acoustic monitoring

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WaterGroup is one of the largest integrated corporate water savings companies in Australia and is widely-recognised as a leader in smart water metering, leak detection and water efficiency.

WaterGroup’s Sebalog N-3 Network permanent leakage monitoring system allows water utilities and large water users to continuously monitor its water network for leaks. This approach helps clients to save money and water.

WaterGroup Managing Director Guenter Hauber Davidson said time is of the essence when detecting and locating leaks.

“Our N-3 noise sensor network leak monitoring solution allows leaks to be detected in days rather than months, and minimise long term losses across the network,” Mr Hauber Davidson said.

The smart N-3 loggers simply magnetise to pipes, allowing for continual monitoring for leaks. Every day between 2 and 4am, loggers take 100 measurements of the noise level. The loggers also record a 2-second audio file at 2am. The logger will only send the audio file if the lowest measured noise level exceeds a set threshold value. The audio files and histogram data of the 100 measurements can be accessed on the Seba Cloud portal.

4 leak detection systems deployed with Sydney Water - one is WaterGroup’s N-3 Network

Sydney Water is continually exploring and implementing innovative technologies to improve on its world-class water services for its 5 million customers across Greater Sydney.

To achieve this, Sydney Water in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is further reducing leaks and breaks across its network by using acoustic sensors.

Sydney Water have selected four leak detections systems to deploy, including WaterGroup’s Sebalog N-3, as mentioned in a recent AWA article.

Currently, Sydney Water has a range of programs in place to detect leaks and breaks. To improve on these approaches, 229 acoustic sensors have now been deployed across five Central Business District (CBD) areas including Sydney, Bankstown, Penrith, Chatswood and Liverpool.

This new technological approach has meant Sydney Water has been able to detect up to 70 hidden leaks using the four leak detection systems. Sydney Water crews have already repaired 45 of these leaks which included two water main breaks.

Mr Hauber Davidson said his company is delighted to be a part of Sydney Water’s leak detection program.

“We are happy to be a part of Sydney Water’s leak detection program with 73 out of the 229 sensors provided by WaterGroup.”

“Since the sensors were deployed, they have identified 13 leaks and a further 8 alerts as of November 2020 which are now all under investigation,” says Mr Hauber Davidson said.

By using a permanent leakage monitoring system in conjunction with other methods, it will be possible for Sydney Water to further reduce disruptions to customers, identify unaccounted water loss from the supply network and reduce costs of repairs ensuring water is reserved for customer consumption.

More information about WaterGroup can be found at www.watergroup.com.au

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