Don’t let an expensive water leak catch you off guard!

Introductory Offer - Leak Insurance

Don’t let an expensive water leak catch you off guard!

Permanent Leak Detection using N3 Loggers

Watch our video on leak detection using N3 loggers.

Waterloss Management

Water Loss Management encompasses strategies and tools for leak detection and reducing non-revenue water. With 10+ years of experience, WaterGroup is best placed to assist you in your water loss management needs.

AWARE - Active Water Analysis, Risk and Efficiency Service

AWARE turns data into meaningful insights towards actions and solutions.

Australian Utility Week 2016 with WaterGroup

WaterGroup attended Australian Utility Week 2016 on November 29-30.

IoT Smart Metering and AWARE (Active Water Analysis, Risk & Efficiency)

Guenter Hauber-Davidson presenting IoT Smart Metering and AWARE (Active Water Analysis, Risk & Efficiency) at Australian Utility Week 2016.

WaterGroup & Thinxtra Sigfox for Smart Metering Interview

Rian Sullings of WaterGroup inteviews Renald Gallis of Thinxtra on Sigfox for smart metering at Australian Utility Week.

WaterGroup & Thingworx Augmented Reality Smart Metering

WaterGroup smart meters with augmented reality by Thingworx.

Smart Metering Overview

The WaterGroup Smart Metering products and services help our customers collect data in a timely, cost effective and intelligent way, allowing them to get the maximum value from their investment.

Meet the Team

Meet the team of dedicated professionals at WaterGroup that help our clients save water, energy and money.

Jemena Gas Pressure Logging Project 

Jemena is currently rolling out WaterGroup's Gas SIM Loggers across NSW for monitoring gas pressure across their network. Watch the video to learn what Jemena's requirements for the project were and how WaterGroup's offering met these requirements. Watch full video here.

WaterGroup - Who We Are and What We Do

WaterGroup is Australia's leader when it comes to saving water – and money! Consulting. Water Loss Management. Turn-Key Delivery. Performance Contracting. Smart Metering. Watch full video here.

WaterGroup MD Guenter Hauber-Davidson on SBS German Radio 

Listen to WaterGroup’s Managing Director,  Guenter Hauber-Davidson talk with Wolfgang Mueller on SBS Radio in German about the water situation in Australia. Do we have enough water? How do we manage it? Could we run out? And a few radical ideas like: Should we dam Sydney Harbour like Singapore has done and turn it into a drinking water supply reservoir? Or what about bringing the old “night cart” back? Find out more – if you understand German – by listening here.

Sky News Interview with our Managing Director Guenter Hauber-Davidson 

WaterGroup's Managing Director Guenter Hauber-Davidson talks about sewer mining on Sky News.Watch full video here.


Our Clients

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below.