Ideal for Domestic and Commercial leak detection

Thanks to its particularly ergonomic shape the HL50BT (fig 1) is a single hand operated instrument. Two operation buttons and a thumb - that's all you need to use it. The HL50BT offers an integrated sensor and Bluetooth headphone. There are no irritating connection cables. It therefore offers optimal mobility and is highly suitable for listening to valve spindles, hydrants and fittings in buildings.

If you want to increase your leak detection options the HL50BT is also compatible with our hand held leak detection microphones which will enable to you detect leaks in drive ways, roads, soft grass areas and more.

How the HL50 BT works


The HL 50 comes with an integrated acoustic sensor. The pipe noise is recorded via the probe tip, internally amplified, filtered (if needed) and played via wireless headphones. At the same time, the measured noise level is shown on the display of the device.

During the measurement, the user can select from three frequency filter settings.

The probe tip can be removed. This way, extension sticks or other probes can be installed.

Using the sensor socket, an external acoustic sensor can be connected to the HL50BT, e.g. a ground microphone.

Additional Microphone options are recommended

The HL50BT can be paired with 3 types of microphones. Each microphone can assist in different leak scenarios you may face across domestic and some commercial situations.

PAM B-2–VS Multipurpose microphone

Allows you to listen to a broader range of surfaces, including soft ground, paved surfaces, softer walls (e.g. gyprock) as well as hard to reach pipes and fittings. You need to use this external microphone, coupled with one of the supplied adapters- Extension rod and tip, Magnet adapter or Tripod adapter.

The Pam W-2VS Windproof ground microphone

Allows you to isolate external noises when taking a reading (especially on a busy street), making it easier to differentiate the noise of a leak, from the noise of the environment. Comes with Tripod Adapter.

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