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Catching Water Wastage Early with Smart Metering 02/02/17

Supermarkets tends to use a high volume of water in the summer months. A major cause for this high usage is the use of roof sprinklers. These sprinklers are used to ensure the proper functionality of the refrigeration systems. However there are times when the sensors of these sprinklers fail and this results in constant water usage at a very high flow rate. It is during these times that their investment in a smart metering system truly pays off. A supermarket caught a 10L/min leak through the active monitoring AWARE service and saved $1,600/mth.


University Rejoices after Finding Mammoth Leak 09/09/16

A University in Victoria has found a huge 160L/min leak through their Active Water Analysis, Risk and Efficiency service. The leak was found and fixed within a week of being identified. If unnoticed, it would have cost the University $20,000 per month. The cause was found to be a faulty float valve that was causing the cooling tower to overflow.

Big Savings with Smart Metering 02/07/16

An office building in Melbourne has found leaking toilets through the Water Management Service (WMS) provided by WaterGroup. The fixing of leaks helped them secure savings worth 1,835kL or $7,889! The WMS helps users who wish to save water but don't have the time. As part of the service, WaterGroup's dedicated Smart Metering team follows up on abnormal usage alarms and ensures that needed actions are taken to secure savings for the client.

Never Miss Out on Savings 13/05/16

A supermarket in Victoria is relieved that their smart monitoring system alerted them of a roof sprinkler left running. If gone unnoticed, would have cost the supermarket 850kL or $3,300 per month!


Massive Savings with Smart Metering 12/05/16

A university in Victoria has found a 150L/min leak leak thanks to the smart metering alert system. The leak was caused due to a burst pipe in their hot water system and was costing them close to $700/day! 

Another Day Another Leak 01/05/16

An office building in Canberra has found not one, not two but three leaks in less than 1 year of installing a smart metering system. The savings from the leaks were as follows:

Leak 1: 350kL/month or $1,200/month

Leak 2: 650kL/month or $2,300/month

Leak 3: 700kL/month or $2,400/month

Instant Savings with Smart Metering 26/11/15

Southern Cross Care implemented a Smart Metering system at their Turramurra facility and instantly found a 160L/min leak which was costing them $700 a day! Read more here.

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