BuntBrain LeakFinder uses artificial intelligence to analyse district meter, pressure sensor and smart water meter data to narrow down the location of leaks in water networks.

BuntBrain LeakFinder

Leak Detection: Adapts to any water network requirement

DMA based pre-location


AI detects and pre-locates events at DMA level.

Virtual DMA based pre-location

Virtual DMA

AI detects and pre-locates events at pipe level.

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

BuntBrain LeakFinder Benefits

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  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX
  • High return on investment and short payback
  • Reduction of water production costs
  • Improved human resources efficiency
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  • Reduction of water loss and water production needs
  • Increases network efficiency
  • Detection and management of thousands of events
  • Early and remote leak detection and location which avoids bursts

Obtained Technical Results

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  • More than 50% water loss reduction in already optimised networks.
  • Identifies leaks at their initial state (<0.3l/s) before they cause further damage or losses.
  • Detection and management of thousands of events.
  • When data is loaded, calculations to detect and locate leaks are done in approximately 1 hour within <200m.

Leak Detection: Classic Monitoring Versus AI Approach

Classical Monitoring Versus A.I. Approach

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