Sydney's Response To The Ongoing Drought: Level 2 Restrictions Introduced Across NSW

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Australia continues to suffer the crippling effects of our worst drought in history and it’s no wonder that smarter water usage is sorely needed. With dam levels falling dangerously quickly, and the raging bush fires drawing on what little water we have left, day zero is a very real possibility.

Today, Sydney moves to level 2 water restrictions across the region, meaning tighter constraints on how water is used at home, across businesses and councils, etc. Whilst it’s hard for many of us to imagine no water coming out of the tap, particularly when water typically seamlessly pours, we must work together to save what little water we have left and ensure those practices are sustained.

Pausing to think whether the car truly needs another wash, or waiting until the laundry basket/dishwasher is full before we turn it on, are little acts that can help ensure we’re all doing our bit to make our water last longer.

For those in Sydney it means:

  • gardens can only be watered before 10am or after 4pm with a watering can or bucket
  • smart and drip irrigation systems may only be used for 15 minutes before 10am or after 4pm
  • the use of unattended hoses is no longer permitted
  • hosing of hard surfaces is not permitted, unless in an emergency
  • cars can only be washed with a bucket or at a commercial car wash
  • a permit is required before filing a pool of any size

For more details on how to manage the level 2 restrictions and safeguard our water supply are found @SydneyWater. Fines will be imposed to those choosing to ignore the current situation and misusing water.

If you’re looking to take an active role in better managing your water use, contact us to explore what options are available.

  • Water Audit/Assessment - We look over your property and give you an in-depth report on existing facilities and what can be done to be more efficient with your water usage.
  • Smart Metering - Often far more cost-effective than the above, plus it leaves a lasting benefit. Connect a logger device to an existing water meter or get one of our ultrasonic fully integrated water meters - both supply data that gives you the tools to manage your water usage and identify leaks fast.
  • Leak Detection - do you know you have a leak, but not sure where it is? We have great correlator or leak pinpointing products that can help.

It's never too late to start creating new habits.

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