WaterGroup has a range of capture and reuse water solutions.

We use our holistic approach to challenge "standard solutions". We develop what best suits your needs, budgets and objectives. We look to avoid excessive treatment that leads to the use of overly sophisticated technology high in capital cost and difficult to operate and maintain.

By having both consulting engineering and contractor capabilities we can provide the best of both worlds: A well-engineered solution that takes advantage of each site's particular conditions and a focused contractor approach that understands the cost drivers.   Without the need for appointing expensive external engineering studies, we can deliver a cost effective solution that is often well below the expected budget.

We design the smallest and simplest plant to meet your requirements - not the other way around. We can do this because we have a team of experienced engineers who know water and wastewater treatment processes inside-and-out. With an intimate knowledge of Reuse and Recycling guidelines, they know best how to create value for you.

Whether you just want consulting advice, a full design and construct delivery, procurement, project management or operation and maintenance assistance, we can deliver every element of a project. Because we are supplier independent we can act in the way that best meets your project needs.

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Our Clients

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below.