We work with some of Australia’s largest commercial property  managers. Whether it’s achieving a higher NABERS rating, wanting to save water due to drought, giving tenants individualised water bills or to meet sustainability goals, WaterGroup’s water efficiency  and smart metering services can get you results. 

Victoria – Major Property Group

WaterGroup provided water efficiency audits for this property groups major office buildings in Victoria. The water audits allowed for the property manager to get insights into several faults and issues they were not aware of.  

Since then, both sites NABERS Water ratings have improved significantly.

  • Site 1: 1.5 to 4 stars
  • Site 2: 0 stars to 4.5 stars

Below are water savings achieved in 2020 for our clients.

Commercial Property

The site was alerted to an abnormal water usage pattern. Flow rates spiked to 40 L/min.  After investigations staff noticed a rooftop tank valve that had malfunctioned. Once fixed, consumption returned to normal.

Had the malfunction not been recognised, the leak would have cost the client an extra 58kL or $202 per day.

Property Managers

Example - Large NSW based Property Manager

  • A property manager for a large commercial and historical building portfolio in NSW was alerted to unusual water consumption at one of its sites. Its overnight use (baseflow) was never below 10-15L/min.
  • After investigating, they discovered a major leak caused by faulty bar appliances and a urinal.
  • Deemed savings for leaks of this type, that would not have been readily noticed were 5,250kL or $17,300.


Large Property Group

This property group was formed to maximise economic outcomes and deliver community benefits through the more efficient utilisation of government owned land.

To meet NABER Water rating goals and increase water efficiency across the portfolio, a number of metro and regional sites were chosen for smart water metering.

Example – Toilet block

  • After deploying smart metering, the client was instantly alerted to a continuous leak at one of the toilet blocks
  • There was an excess 30L/min base flow for a toilet block operating 24/7
  • Savings 1,314kL/month, $2,773/month


Our Clients

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below.