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Examples across various sectors


Local Council in Victoria


  • A key observation is the variability of water use. 17 out of 20 sites showed high variability with water use varying by ± 50% to 150%, excluding a Leisure Centre which showed a water use five times higher than its more typical use in 15/16 and 16/17.
  • Likely that a significant portion of this increased water use has been due to leaks that took a long time to notice and address.
  • Assuming that water consumption exceeding 20% of baseline usage is due to leaks, Council has lost approximately 8,400 kL over the past 3 years, which is the volume of over three Olympic swimming pools. This equates to a monetary loss of almost $11,500/yr or $34,300 over 3 years.
  • Leaks amounted to 15% of the total usage monitored.


Retirement Villages


WaterGroup’s smart metering system has been implemented on 55 water meters across 40 villages across Australia. The system has helped many villages understand their water consumption patterns and take steps to reduce their consumption.

  • The program has helped rectify leaks worth around 42,000kL or $124,000 across 13 villages.
  • As an example, the system highlighted a high base-flow of about 13 L/min at one of the villages. After two leak tests we were able to reduce the baseline usage to about 5 L/min, saving approximately 4,200 kL/yr or $14,700/yr.
  • Through the continuous monitoring, we have succeeded in reducing risk of property damage and bill shock to residents.
  • With the total water consumption around ~264,000kL/yr, leaks amounted to 15% of the total usage monitored.

Example – Sydney Village

  • Device alerted the village management team of two significant leaks over the 15-month period.
  • Engaged WaterGroup for Leak detection and in 48hours, the location was pinpointed under seemingly dry slabs on one of the Village outdoor paths.
  • The leaks would have cost the village an extra $1,500/month which is equivalent to having 4 taps running full bore over the 2.5months.


Large Supermarket Chain

WaterGroup’s smart metering system has been implemented across over 300 Stores. Through our AWARE programme, WaterGroup have delivered ongoing insights and alerted store managers to a number of leaks across the portfolio.

  • FY19/20 121,645kL Saved $ 434,910‬.

With the total water consumption around 540,000kL/yr, leaks amounted to 20% of the total usage monitored.

Example – A Store NSW

  • Originally believed increase was due to manual condenser sprays however ongoing monitoring revealed one of the mister sprays was broken, resulting in higher water usage than normal.
  • Deemed savings based on a hidden leak from valve and fittings with no obvious trace: 8,608kL / $36,766.13. These leaks can typically go on for 6-12months as they are not checked by routine maintenance.



University buildings primarily use water for cooling & heating purposes, sanitation, kitchen/dishwashing, labs and student accommodation.

University 1

WaterGroup in collaboration with Siemens was engaged by this university to supply, install and provide a holistic water efficiency and risk management service for 20 water meters at the City campus. The service is part of a larger EPC/performance contracting project currently underway at the university. The active management service guaranteed 7,215kL/yr. savings for the University. The service commenced in June 2016. An experienced, dedicated smart metering team proactively monitored, analysed, followed up abnormal consumption patterns and worked with the University to enable them to get the full benefits of their monitoring system. In September 2016, the service helped identify a massive 160L/min leak. WaterGroup’s smart metering team alerted RMIT of the high base-flow and investigative works immediately began.

The proactive actions taken by the University helped bring the leak in control within a week. The cause was an overflowing cooling tower due to a faulty float valve. Total amount saved was 7,000kL/month, equivalent to a monthly bill of $22,000.

Leaks amounted to 10% of the total usage monitored.

University 2

Deployed by WaterGroup, the university had over 180 water monitoring devices installed across its network in August 2016. The benefits were realised in a short amount of time, as it only took six weeks for approximately $300,000 in potential water usage savings to be identified.

University 3

After installing smart meters across a number of their campuses, the system alerted the University to a 150L/min leak in their hot water system. Having remote access to their water usage data, the university saved the equivalent of 6,500kL/month and $21,000/month Payback of their initial investment.


Major Property Manager


With an overall total water consumption of 2,376,000kL/year understanding where and how water is used has been a major focus. WaterGroup’s monitoring system readily identified a number of sites with significant base flows indicating ongoing unidentified leaks.

With large sites, additional smart metering has been deployed to assist in isolating areas with abnormal water usage and Identifying leaks that amount to 10% of the total usage monitored.

Example – Major Shopping Centre – Western Sydney

  • Monitoring multiple meters across the site enabled us to capture a large 120L/min leak at one of the tenant properties.
  • Plumbers were deployed and the leak was fixed.
  • Total savings 1,210kL, $2,552


Large Property Group

This property group was formed to maximise economic outcomes and deliver community benefits through the more efficient utilisation of government owned land.

To meet NABER Water rating goals and increase water efficiency across the portfolio, a number of metro and regional sites were chosen for smart water metering.

Example – Toilet block

  • After deploying smart metering, the client was instantly alerted to a continuous leak at one of the toilet blocks.
  • There was an excess 30L/min base flow for a toilet block operating 24/7.
  • Savings 1,314kL/month, $2,773/month

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