TMM System

This innovative and cost effective permanent network monitoring solution allows you to detect leaks in critical water mains.


  • Know the condition of your main pipelines
  • Identify and locate leaks in main pipelines
  • Avoid large supply disruptions and outages
  • Fix leaks while they are small and easy to fix before they turn into large emergency bursts
  • Reduce waterloss

How does it work?

The noise and frequency changes caused by leaks are recognised by the highly sensitive hydrophones that are connected directly to the pipeline (see Fig 1). These frequencies are transmitted on a daily basis via GSM transmitters to the SebaCloud server.

The TMM system provides an alerting function so that if individually programmable limits are exceeded, i.e. in the event of a leakage, the user is notified via email or text message. Leaks can also be viewed on map (see image 2).

Fig 1 – TMM Installation

Fig 2 - Map view of TMM

The TMM system consists of...

  • PAM Hydro-3 (highly sensitive hydrophone sensor)
  • N-3-Hydro (data logger)
  • GT-3 (G3 transmitter)


The system can easily be installed wherever there is direct access to water columns inside the pipeline. Ideal installation points for the PAM Hydro 3 Hydrophone sensors are standard fittings such as 32-50cm tapping or valve connections.

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