Even your local fast food joint can spring a leak. Did you know hidden faults within grease traps, toilets , ice machines , chicken warmers can quickly add up to hefty water bill.

Several Bathroom Faults Means Lost Water For Restaurant – Oct 2020

Site was alerted to an abnormal water usage pattern straight after the installation. Minimum base flow was sitting around 3 l/min.

After investigations staff found three separate issues:

  • Two minor seals on toilets were faulty which meant they were constantly running
  • One major overflow on toilet
  • Leak on a hand wash sink

Deemed savings based on a leak classified as usually taking 2 months to discover: 202kL / $525.28.


Fast Food Restaurants - September 2020

WG AWARE and system alerted the restaurant to spike in water use – 7L/min. Plumber attended site and minor leaks were caught.

Deemed Savings -  614KL/$1,598

WG system alerted restaurant of a higher base flow 5L/min.  It was discovered a  new sensor was required for a Urinal that seemed to be running too long and too often.

Deemed Savings – 439 kL/ $1,141

Fast Food Restaurant - August 2020

Our devices quickly alerted a restaurant to abnormally high water activity – 14L/min.  Investigations found that the cause of water loss was due to toilet sticking. 

Deemed Savings – 1,299kL/$3197

Fast Food Restaurant – July 2020

WG system alerted restaurant of higher flow rate over the weekend. Particularly on Sunday between 12:00AM & 3:00AM.  Several minor leaks and equipment issues fixed.

Deemed Savings – 263kL/$685

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