Often retail sites like shopping centres have multiple tenants. Some tenants like a Chicken shop or a McDonalds for example will use more water than say a standard clothing store like Just Jeans. With our smart water metering technology deployed property managers can now individually bill their tenants, so they only have to pay for the water they use. We can also help our clients achieve a higher NABERS rating , save water due to drought and meet their sustainability goals.

Below are a few leak success stories we think are worth sharing!

Coolings Towers Losing Shopping Centre Water

Site was contacted alerting them to a spike in their base flow to 150l/min.

Staff acted quickly and discovered a major leak located at one of the cooling towers. The cooling tower was isolated until repairs were carried out. The leak ran through the trade waste channel and was estimated to be an additional 80 l/min.

Deemed savings based on different/higher water use which would have eventually been noticed through the water bill: 14,054kL / $42,022.


Leaking Cooling Towers at Shopping Centre

The centre was alerted by our AWARE team that their overnight water usage was up by 30L/min.

After investigations they found leaks in their cooling towers.

Thanks to AWARE the issue was noticed and fixed within a fortnight. In the past we have often seen leaks like these go on for well in excess of 6 months. This would equate to 2,630kL of water costing $6,750.

Major Shopping Centre Property Manager


With overall total water consumption of 2,376,000kL/year understanding where and how water is used has been a major focus. WaterGroup’s monitoring system readily identified a number of sites with significant base flows indicating ongoing unidentified leaks.

With large sites, additional smart metering has been deployed to assist in isolating areas with abnormal water usage and

Identifying leaks that amount to 10% of the total usage monitored.

Example – Major Shopping Centre – Western Sydney

  • Monitoring multiple meters across the site enabled us to capture a large 120 L/min leak at one of the tenant properties.
  • Plumbers were deployed and the leak was fixed.
  • Total savings 1,210kL, $2,552


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