Sebalog P3 Mini

Small logger for pressure monitoring and pressure surge recording

Special features:

  • Pressure surge recording using Very short measurement intervals
  • Virtually indestructible housing with protection class IP 68
  • Fits in every shaft due to extremely compact design
  • Long operating time and very large data storage
  • Optional data transmission by means of GSM Transmitter 3

The Sebalog P-3-Mini is the ideal device for monitoring pressure in water supply networks. The extremely robust housing of the Sebalog P-3-Mini makes it particularly suitable for continuous use in the field.

Furthermore, the compact design of the pressure logger constitutes a great advantage in shafts with limited mounting space.

With the Sebalog P-3-Mini it is possible to get a wireless readout without opening a shaft lid and to remotely download data with ease in combination with the GSM Transmitter 3.

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