We work with 2 of Australia’s largest supermarkets and collectively monitor over 300 stores nationally. With so many stores equipped with chicken warmers, roof sprinklers, staff toilets and rigorous cleaning schedules it is critical that the stores are monitored 24/7 to ensure no unnecessary water use is happening.

Below are a few leak success stories we think are worth sharing!

Melbourne Supermarket saves $36,792 a year!

This supermarket had increased baseflow from 1.3L.min that increased to 20L/min due to a sprinkler for condensers being left on. If this 20L/min leak hadn't been picked up by our smart water loggers it would have cost them 10,512kL/year equivalent to $36,792/year.

Melbourne Supermarket graph

Major Supermarket

  • Our active water monitoring service AWARE alerted a store to a rise in base flow. Upon investigation, 3 leaks were found: One downstream of a hot water unit and two leaks in the urinals.
  • Replacement parts were ordered and soon the base flow reverted to its normal level of close to 0L/min.
  • Deemed savings based on these types of leaks were: 350kL and $1,160.

Large Supermarket Chain


In January, the site was contacted due to condenser sprays being left on however an increase in their minimum base flow suggested a hidden leak in the water network.

After multiple investigations, a number of issues were identified and rectified however the base flow continued to rise indicating the source of the issue remained hidden. The site engaged a leak detection specialist to help investigate and leaks were discovered deep underground in the car park. Once fixed, the flow rate returned to its typical base flow.

Deemed savings based on a hidden leak underground with no obvious trace: 9,461kL / $28,287.79. These leaks can typically go on for 6-12months as there is no visual indication until the leak has caused significant damage.


Large Supermarket Chain


As soon as this smart metering was implemented, we were alerted to the significantly high base flow (8L/min). It took a few days for the plumbers to identify the base flow source; however they found a leak under one of the cool room floors.

Given the scarcity of water in the area, the store arranged to turn it off when not in use. Rectification work was organised for as soon as possible.

Deemed savings based on a hidden leak underground with no obvious trace: 6,307kL / $20,813. These leaks can typically go on for 6-12months as there is no visual indication until the leak has caused damage.

Large Supermarket Chain

WaterGroup’s smart metering system has been implemented across over 300 of this super market stores. Through our AWARE programme, WaterGroup have delivered ongoing insights and alerted store managers to a number of leaks across the portfolio. FY19/20 - 121,645kL Saved $ 434,910.

With the total water consumption around 540,000kL/yr, leaks amounted to 20% of the total usage monitored.

Example – A Store NSW

  • Originally believed increase was due to manual condenser sprays however ongoing monitoring revealed one of the mister sprays was broken, resulting in higher water usage than normal.
  • Deemed savings based on a hidden leak from valve and fittings with no obvious trace: 8,608kL / $36,766.13. These leaks can typically go on for 6-12months as they are not checked by routine maintenance.


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