The last thing a major airport or train station needs is a leak that could cause disrupt or delay their services. WaterGroup works with its customers to ensure minimal interruption  will occur during a smart metering install or leak detection job.

Below are water savings achieved to date for our clients.

Metro Trains

Committed to minimising its environmental footprint, Metro Trains reached out to WaterGroup to find a solution that would enable them to get detailed data so they could take immediate steps towards reducing its water usage and saving money. WaterGroup’s smart metering system provided Metro Trains detailed 15 minute interval data which highlighted the high base-flows at its site.

Interactive graphs helped Metro Trains catch a significant jump in their base usage, which indicated a leak. Outcomes Identified of a 1,000 L/min leak,  Savings 10,000 kL/week.

Canberra Airport

WaterGroup was contacted by Canberra Airport to locate a water leak on its premises. WaterGroup located the water leak using their ultrasonic flow measuring and acoustic pinpointing equipment. WaterGroup found 2 leaks.

“WaterGroup were terrific to work with, they detected 2 water leaks for us, in a professional, collaborative and timely manner” said Dave Hodgson, Airport Infrastructure Manager, Canberra Airport.


Our Clients

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below.