An online web platform delivering water usage data to your fingertips.

The WaterGroup Portal gives you access to your water usage data any time, any day. Understanding your unique usage patterns and identifying ones that shouldn't be there will enable you to start saving and prioritising your water in a sustainable and efficient manner. With customisable water usage alarms set to alert you via your email or sms you will never have to worry about unidentified water loss or unexpected leaks again.

Using powerful graphing tools you can easily present your data across core business operations. Data can be downloaded and used in your own company reports, or ask us about our specialised reports, as part of our AWARE Services, where you can to gain more in-depth analytics insights.

What you get:

  • Highly customisable display - display the data how you want to see it
  • Powerful graphing tools - Calculate totals, averages, baselines, etc.
  • Automatic reporting - receive customised reports on usage
  • Receive data in your preferred method - FTP, Email, Dropbox, Rest API
  • Automatic alarms by email or SMS - be alerted of unexpected usage fast
  • Multiple user levels - personalise access, so only teams see the data they need to see
  • Expandable to new sites and users - easily scale your system without complicated back-end upgradesIntegrates with BNS, EMS, SCADA other display and management software

Our Clients

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below.