WaterGroup is working across some of Australias largest Utilities and Councils. With smart metering trials and water montiring devices across the nation, our devices are enabling them to find the leaks and save money.

Rogue Sprinkler Sets Council Back $600 a Week!   

Our devices alerted this council to a spike in their base flow water use of 17L/min. It was discovered that a single sprinkler was incorrectly set up and left on, causing an extra 171 kL to be used in a week. This equates to an extra $600 in water bills.

NSW Council Oval

When water usage began to spike at this oval, our logger triggered an alarm. Whilst the leaks were almost undetectable, our granular data indicated an abnormality worth investigating.

Small leaks were detected and rectified resulting in a saving of 88kL or $270 per month. Still worthwhile – and every drop counts!

Water Utility

WaterGroup's N3 acoustic leak monitoring sensors are deployed across one of Australia's large central business districts. In May, the sensors picked up a major leak noise in its pipeline. The Utility investigated and found a leak that was losing water at 10 kL/hr.  If this leak had gone unidentified by our system they would have been losing $15,000 worth of water a month.

Local Council

For 17 sites water use varied between 50% and 150%. A leisure centre showed a water use five times higher than its typical use. Thanks to WaterGroup conducting a waterloss management assessment we were able to identify a leak equating to a waterloss of 8,400 kL/yr. Savings equated to almost $11,500/yr.



Water Utility and Council Projects  - past and current


Our Clients

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below.