NUmeter for Drought

NUmeter for Drought

Thanks to modern IoT based smart water metering technology, the water industry is at a turning point. For the first time ever, we can afford to measure and monitor what happens within a water network - all the way through to providing consumers with data on their water consumption.

How the NUmeter can help you fight against drought

  • It allows you to have 24/7 access to water usage data, plus alerts, so you can discover unknown leaks in days instead of months.
  • It gives you fast insights into how much water you are saving if your city, for example, was to go from Level 2 to Level 3 water restrictions.
  • It quickly identifies who your large water users are so you can take appropriate action to help them reduce their water usage.

Using the NUmeter along with clever leak detection and monitoring programs you can typically save 8-12% of water. Progressive Councils including Bundaberg, Yarra Valley Water, Logan, Busselton and Sydney Water have already taken progressive steps with this new technology, how about you?

The NUmeter comes with fully integrated NB-IoT communications, it's instant switch on, can reach hard to access areas and is low cost and easy to deploy.

Find out more about the NUMeter here and start fighting drought now.

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