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Salisbury Council

Salisbury Council are producing bottles of purified stormwater for the community to sample, sourced from Salisbury wetlands on the northern Adelaide plains. Marketed as 'Recharge', it has met health standards so far but requires more testing before it can go to market and become a valuable, energy efficient resource for the region. A new Cooling Tower Water Efficiency Calculator (CTWEC) has been launched to provide businesses with an ongoing indication of the water efficiency of their cooling tower relative to its operational capabilities at different times of the year. DIY water harvesting - The 2009 Rainwater Guide, developed by the Australian Rainwater Industry Development Group (ARID)

01 Sep 2009

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Vales Point power station at Lake Macquarie

Vales Point power station at Lake Macquarie has recently come under fire for using drinking-quality water, but owner Delta Electricity claims it has little choice because of limited availability of recycled water. The solution, environment groups argue, is to develop NSW's fledgling recycled water market and increase the price of drinking water for its big buyers.

03 Aug 2009

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Large Scale Recycled Water Projects too costly: Victoria.

The Victorian Government will focus on localised recycled water projects... Meanwhile prices will increase from tomorrow...

01 Jul 2009

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Sustainable Integrated Water Cycle Management

What is the most cost-effective way to save water? Never before has this question been more relevant, especially before committing to a grey or black water recycling or sewer mining plant.

18 Jun 2009

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Water for the Future

Water for the Future - Australian Government providing $254.8 million over 5 years to cities and towns with fewer than 50,000 people to upgrade older pipes and water systems, install new infrastructure and practical projects to save water and reduce water losses

10 Jan 2009

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About Us

Climate change is reducing our water supply while population growth adds demand. Availability of sufficient, affordable, fit for purpose water is a serious business risk. By acting now, using water wisely and looking for other water sources you can turn this global issue into a strategic advantage. WCG makes it easy for large water users to save water and money securing your water supply. We deliver sustainable integrated urban water solutions. We make you feel good about using water - because you know youre only using what you need, and it is provided in the most sustainable way Contact us today for a free review to see how we can help you save water and money for tomorrow - guaranteed! We can even help you pay for it.

07 Jan 2009

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Councils' Water Saving Measures Pay Off

NSW councils are on their way to saving 10,000 mega litres of water by July 2010 thanks to a $22m joint initiative of the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW (LGSA) and the NSW Water Directorate. The Water Loss Management Program, which is also partly funded by the Federal Government's Water Smart Australia Program, encourages local water utilities to adopt innovative and practical water-saving solutions. The WATER FOOTPRINT network was launched at the Corporate Water Footprint Conference, in London (UK). The Network aims to develop and apply the 'Water Footprint' to support the transition to sustainable and equitable water use and management globally, including how much intrinsic water is locked up in meat, grain and other foodstuffs produced by humans.

06 Jan 2009

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WME Magazine - Industrial Water

WCG have helped Woolworths switch on one of the world's largest retrofitted rainwater harvesting systems, tapping the 21,000 sqm roof of its distribution centre in western Sydney to supply up to 95% of its needs.

05 Jan 2009

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UNEP - Rainwater harvesting providing adaptation opportunities to climate change

Rainwater harvesting providing adaptation opportunities to climate change

02 Jan 2009

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A sensible approach to savings - Water Audit

All too often water savings are identified but are never implemented. Guenter Hauber-Davidson examines how a water audit - a concept he loathes - can be done in a different way.

13 Nov 2008

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