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WME Magazine - Industrial Water

WCG have helped Woolworths switch on one of the world's largest retrofitted rainwater harvesting systems, tapping the 21,000 sqm roof of its distribution centre in western Sydney to supply up to 95% of its needs.

05 Jan 2009

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UNEP - Rainwater harvesting providing adaptation opportunities to climate change

Rainwater harvesting providing adaptation opportunities to climate change

02 Jan 2009

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A sensible approach to savings - Water Audit

All too often water savings are identified but are never implemented. Guenter Hauber-Davidson examines how a water audit - a concept he loathes - can be done in a different way.

13 Nov 2008

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Large Scale Rainwater Harvesting Down Under - Wasser spiegel

It may seem strange to think of rainwater harvesting and Australia, supposedly the driest continent on earth. Yet, the country can look back on a long tradition of rainwater utilisation. Strangely this is more so inland with less than 500mm of annual rainfall, where it was often the only source of water. In contrast, in some of the heavily inhabited coastal regions where most Australians live, until a few years ago rainwater harvesting was even forbidden! This is despite that coastal strip enjoying plenty of rain with 900 to 1,200mm per annum. So much for the driest continent.

07 Oct 2008

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Smart meters, smarter savings Implementing one clever little device is helping a handful of Australia's major corporates, including Woolworths, get wise about water use. By Richard Collins.

11 Jan 2008

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NY times - A Drought-Stricken Land Offers Help With Water

PARIS - After more than a decade of failed rains, the Murray-Darling river system in the southeast of Australia - the catchment basin for roughly one-seventh of the country - dries up before it reaches the sea.

10 May 2006

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