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Stormwater harvesting or Desalination?

Is our love affair with stormwater harvesting emotional or can it be supported by rational scientific arguments? Guenter Hauber-Davidson runs the numbers. Recent scientific work by the author, drive in part by significant enhancements in the energy efficiency of desalination, has revealed some small rainwater harvesting systems already use more energy than modern desalination plants. Part 1 and Part 2 - appeared in BEN news

17 Jan 2012

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New Qld Funding for developing energy and water-saving technologies

QSEIF funding of $200,000 for developing innovative technologies to save energy and water - closes 24 February 2012

05 Jan 2012

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How are the world's corporations handling water resource management?

The CDP's water use questionnaire - sent out to over 300 of the world's largest corporations - was designed to record the possible impacts and constraints experienced by businesses as a result of their water use and access to resources - The report, was prepared by Environmental Resource Management (ERM),

02 Jan 2012

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Free Giveaway - Water Cost and Leakage Calculator

As a special little Christmas giveaway for a limited period download our Water Cost and Leakage Calculator.

21 Dec 2011

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Stormwater Harvesting Fund Round #3

If you would like us to assist in assessing the viability of a particular site, looking at the potential of water harvesting, savings and costs, please contact us now. If you have a large "seed" project, we would love to hear about it so we can see who else we can find in that area to bring the total project application volume above the $2m mark.

08 Nov 2011

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Smart Water Mark Final Application Round for 2011

The final application round for 2011 submissions to be certified with Smart WaterMark are closing 24 November 2011. If you have a product or service that saves water, check out our application process here.

27 Oct 2011

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Water Industry Capability Report

Contains survey results from 432 water industry organisations The report highlights the size, scale and insights regarding capabilities, operational scope, market segments and export levels.

19 Oct 2011

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Water Week

16 - 22 October 2011

17 Oct 2011

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Productivity Commission Report on Australia's Urban Water Sector

Productivity Commission Report on Australia's Urban Water Sector

15 Oct 2011

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Shops Save Every Drop

Queensland Qld Hyperdome Shopping Centre is on track to almost triple their initial goal of 5ML per year water savings with the help of WCGs Smart Water Meters. Smart Metering gives actual litre-by-litre water use in near real-time on a web-based system.

21 Jul 2011

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