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Sydney's Response To The Ongoing Drought: Level 2 Restrictions Introduced Across NSW

Australia continues to suffer the crippling effects of our worst drought in history and its no wonder that smarter water usage is sorely needed. With dam levels falling dangerously quickly, and the raging bush fires drawing on what little water we have left, day zero is a very real possibility.

10 Dec 2019

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'Day Zero' Scaringly Close for 10 Aussie Towns

WaterGroup, Australia's largest integrated corporate water savings company, is worried at least 10 Aussie towns will be coming close to or even run out of water by late 2020. The term 'Day Zero' was created in 2018 when Cape Town in South Africa announced that it had 4 months before it would run out of water. Could it happen here in Australia in our own backyard under our watch?

30 Oct 2019

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How is Smart Water Metering Benefiting Australia?

Smart water metering is continually evolving in terms of information being communicated to clients. Not only are we now able to record real-time water consumption patterns, but consumers can identify, and thus quickly rectify, any abnormalities such as leaks; saving water and their hard earned cash.

02 Oct 2019

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What's your plan to defend against drought and water restrictions?

The water restrictions announced recently for Sydney are unlikely to be the last. The question is do we have to reach ’day zero’ like Capetown before we take major steps to save water?

30 May 2019

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Smart Metering Trial Supports WA's Transition to a New Water Network

In an aim to support Western Australia's future plans for a new and improved water network, Curtin and Murdoch University are leading a smart water metering trial with a number of Fremantle residents, for the purpose of researching how communities can adapt to using alternative water sources, including rainwater, greywater and groundwater, and to new smart meter technology for water usage monitoring.

28 May 2019

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What is an Integrated Intelligent Water Network?

Join the WaterGroup team at Ozwater'19 this year at stand B07 and discover what makes an integrated and intelligent water network.

29 Mar 2019

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Top 5 reasons for visiting the WaterGroup stand this year

WaterGroup is once again proudly exhibiting at Ozwater, the biggest water event in Australia! This year our focus is to educate, demonstrate and communicate all things integrated and intelligent for water networks.

29 Mar 2019

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Transforming Mechanical Meters into Smart Water Meters

Many people assume that because an older meter is a completely mechanical instrument, it cannot be used as part of a modern digital smart water metering solution. How do you turn a mechanical water meter into a�smart�water meter?

06 Mar 2019

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Integrated Smart Water Meters

Just like the smartphone revolution of the past decade, smart water meters are now incorporating more advanced sensors and technologies. These advancements bring about greater value and functionality from the new generation of meters and further support the business and uses cases for their deployments.

18 Feb 2019

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2019 Smart Water Metering Predictions

The ground-swell of interest in IoT in practically every industry over the past few years has brought many new opportunities for digital water metering which will continue to accelerate throughout 2019. This article shows the top 5 predictions for smart water metering in 2019. These 2019 predictions are presented with a particular focus on Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, however, the concepts and implications all apply to smart water metering globally.

31 Jan 2019

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